Shipping & Returns




You may cancel your order anytime But it doesn't matter if it's been 5 minutes or 5 days you will only be refunded 92.5% of your purchase. Our website provider charges  2.5% fee for the sale and 2.5% for the refund and we are charged by the credit card processor another 2.5%. Refunds are processed within 5 business days.






 Just because your significant other told you to send it back. It doesn't mean we're giving your money back for a full refund. After you receive your order we will not issue a refund if your not satisfied or allow you to return it. You are purchasing a flamethrower and that is what we will ship. Function issues are covered by our warranty angry spouses and dissatisfaction are not. 






Warranty Issues and Returns 


Electrode adjustments are not covered by your warranty. There are printed instruction that come with the unit that explain how to adjust them. We also have a video on our YouTube channel that shows you how to adjust them. If you have an item such as electrodes or buttons that are damaged. We will send you the replacement part. We will not automatically send you a shipping label. If you received your items and there is shipping damage do not use anything and contact us immediately. If you  put fuel in it. It is now yours.


For older models. There are also additional videos that show you how to replace certain wear items. These items are covered by your warranty however we will send you the part to replace. If you do not want to install the part we will install it but you will be responsible for the shipping cost.


To return your product for a warranty issue our shipping address is:


2919 SW US 40 Hwy.


Suite B


Blue Springs, Missouri 64015


You must contact us at and make arrangements before shipping your unit back. We have specific guidelines that must be followed.


 WARNING! if you ship your flamethrower back before you contact us and arrangements were not made. We are not responsible if it is lost  stolen or otherwise not received.