Due to Covid-19 expect delays. Our current delivery time is approximately 21 days.
Electric Ignition Conversion

Electric Ignition Conversion

If you have a flamethrower with a burner/bipod (generation 1) and would like it converted to our new electric ignition system, you are in the right place my friend.

Please read all the instructions below. As always we are warning you before so you can’t blame us after.

All shipping must be either UPS or FEDEX do not send anything through the US postal service it won’t show up.
• The shipment must require a signature
• You must send us your tracking number
• Do not disassemble any part of your flamethrower
• The  box must be  large enough for adequate padding all around the flamethrower
• We are not responsible for shipping damage or loss either to your or from you.

• This is a permanent change to your flamethrower
• We will not return the burner and bipod back to you
• We will not repair any cosmetic holes or weld left behind by the bipod removal
• This will add 3 lbs. to your flamethrower
• No we can’t leave the burner on as a backup

Choose electric ignition conversion from the product page of our website and check out.
Ship your flamethrower to us
Email us immediately with your order number and your tracking number
We are expecting a 7 working day turnaround but expect delays

Please read:
We will warranty the ignition system for 1 year not the entire flamethrower
If you have a warranty issue you must ship it back to us.
If you experience shipping damage or loss it is between you and the carrier we can’t do anything about it once it leaves our warehouse.
Please don’t email or call us every day asking for an update on your order it will slow down your turnaround time