We don't start manufacturing your order until you place an order! We don't not have an inventory and these are not in stock. Once you place an order it is non refundable! You are agreeing to a contract to have an item manufactured.

Only our resellers have them in stock and they usually sell out quickly until we restock them.





We do not issue refunds, you will receive the items you ordered eventually. Due to supply chain issues and high demand expect delays. Our current delay is approximately 30 days.

If your wife tells you to return the flamethrower you ordered. You should explain to her that you will not get a refund if your order is cancelled.

If we decide to have mercy on your soul and refund your money. You will be charged a $100.00 processing fee. Even if you try to cancel you order immediately after placing it.


Warranty Returns 
To return your product for a warranty issue our shipping address is:

2919 SW US 40 Hwy.

Suite B

Blue Springs, Missouri 64015

You must contact us at and make arrangements before shipping your unit back.

 WARNING! if you ship your flamethrower back before you contact us and arrangements are not made. We are not responsible if it is lost or stolen or otherwise not received.

All flamethrowers shipped for warranty items must be shipped by  UPS or FedEx and must have a tracking number and shipping insurance of 700.00 or more. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item. If it is damage or lost in transit, your dispute will be with the shipper and not us.